The Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) is a learning and action network set up by social enterprises and social enterprise resource institutions to catalyze knowledge creation, capacity development and movement-building for social entrepreneurship in the region.


The past two decades have witnessed a flowering of wealth-creating organizations with a development purpose, or what are now called social enterprises


The best of these social enterprises are creating new benchmarks for wealth creation and distribution and enabling the poor and marginalized to become effective market players.  Social enterprises are also leading the way in developing and transforming markets towards equitable and sustainable development. 


However, management of enterprises with a “multiple bottom line” is an art that has yet to be mastered by many development players that enter the market arena.  At the same time, the leaders and actors of this unfolding phenomenon of social entrepreneurship are in need of a learning and action network dedicated to evolving the theory and practice of transforming markets in the service of people and the environment. 









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