Contours of the 2009 Plan
  1. Impact of the global economic crisis on the Philippine and Asian economy is expected to be felt more in 2009, relative to last year.  There seems to be no systematic effort within the social enterprise sector to respond to the challenges and opportunities the global economic crisis brings.
  1. ISEA has been able to harness support from its founding membership to start operations and establish partnerships to undertake key projects that respond to important needs of the social enterprise sector.  Although many are Philippine-based projects, they have the potential to reach a regional constituency and develop a regional character. 


    1. FSSI's Institution Building Grant (includes start-up website development, piloting of Social Entrepreneurship and the Market Course, start-up for endowment fund)
    2. Partnership with Oikocredit for book publication (Social Enterprise Performance Measures) and capacity development for strategic social enterprise management (Philippines as pilot with provisions to replicate among partners in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam)
    3. ASOG as host of ISEA until June 2010, and as partner for executive education programs
    4. AIM's donation of non-exclusive use of learning materials developed by its Social and Development Entrepreneurship Program (2001-2007) and 300 copies of Creating a Space in the Market, a resource book on social enterprise models covering 4 countries in Asia.
  1. There are a number of opportunities/initiatives/proposals that are worth pursuing/exploring for 2009 and beyond:


    1. Dr. Mechai Viravaidya/PDA's proposal for setting up a social stock exchange in Asia, possibly in partnership with the Asian Development Bank
    2. The National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women's (NCRFW) need for capacity building partners for their CIDA-supported Gender Responsive Economic Action for Transformation (GREAT) Women Project (2009-2011)
    3. Dr. Serafin Talisayon's proposal for partnership with the Center for Conscious Living Foundation Inc (CCLFI) in the area of action research and knowledge management for poverty reduction
    4. Developing a North-South perspective for social entrepreneurship, with Asia Fair Trade Forum (AFTF) playing a key role to expand the constituency of fair trade in the region's developed market economies
    5. ISEA partnership with the International Network of Alternative Financial Institutions (INAFI)  on enhancing social entrepreneurship initiatives among microfinance players in Asia
    6. Dhan Foundation's proposal for a training-coaching project on social entrepreneurship case study writing in India
    7. Platform to develop an interface of Social Entrepreneurship with the business sector in cooperation with the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) and the Conference of Asian Foundations and Organizations (CAFO)
    8. Partnership for a masteral course on social entrepreneurship with the Philippine Social Enterprise Network (PhilSEN) and appropriate units of the Ateneo de Manila University

Objectives and Milestones

  1. Develop ISEA as a regional learning hub and action network of Asia's  social enterprise sector in  sharing and developing effective responses to the global economic crisis and beyond 
    1. Develop and launch ISEA's website as a repository of e-resources for the social enterprise sector in Asia (to be launched during ISEA's anniversary in June 2009)
    2. Develop and launch ISEA's Web Fora on Social Entrepreneurship and the Global Economic Crisis (to be launched during ISEA's anniversary in June 2009)
    3. Undertake face to face fora from different country, sectoral (e.g. fair trade, microfinance, cooperatives, business etc.) and socio-cultural (e.g. Islamic) perspectives sponsored by members and co-sponsored with ISEA (results may serve as kick-off of web forum discussion threads)


  1. Develop ISEA's brand of social entrepreneurship research and capacity development (sustainable development as framework, practitioner-oriented, directed at having an impact on social enterprise performance)
    1. Develop and offer a 5-day Course on Social Entrepreneurship and the Market.  Pilot the course on March 16-20, 2009.
    2. Complete and publish a resource book on social enterprise performance measures in partnership with Oikocredit for launchaing in November 2009.
    3. Develop and pilot a course on Strategic Social Enterprise Management for  Oikocredit Partners
    4. In partnership with Ateneo School of Government, start the development of a social entrepreneurship major for its Master in Public Management Program, focusing on offering it to practitioners from various sectors who are interested in managing public interest through social entrepreneurship
    5. Develop a capacity development program for gender-responsive subsector/value chain interventions in partnership with NCRFW 


  1. Put in place an organizational/program development and resource mobilization plan to ensure ISEA's organizational and financial sustainability.
    1. Develop a membership/subscription program for ISEA's products and services (e.g. courses, research outputs, publications, e-resource materials).
    2. Work with members to develop at least 1 member-initiated project in each sub-region outside the Philippines. 
    3. Develop regular self-sustaining/income-generating income streams for ISEA (courses and publications)
    4. Develop a concept for ISEA's endowment fund and define an appropriate time for its launch.
    5. Seal partnerships and secure resources for programs at the regional level
        • proposal for action research and course development on social entrepreneurship towards sustainable development
        • proposal for developing an agenda for the social enterprise sector in response to the global economic crisis and beyond
        • proposal for studying and piloting the setting up of a social (enterprise) stock exchange
        • proposal to build a platform for dialogue and joint action between the social enterprise and business sectors
        • proposal for developing a North-South perspective for social entrepreneurship in Asia


For more information on ISEA's programs and projects, click here.


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