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International Workshop on

Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (IWSEA)

6 to 8 July 2006

Asian Institute of Management (AIM)


The International Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship in Asia has as main objective the promotion of dialogue between faculty of management schools and other institutions doing research and teaching social entrepreneurship with practitioners of social entrepreneurship in Asia. In particular, the international workshop has the following objectives:

  1. To dialogue on issues and concerns being confronted by social entrepreneurs in Asia and the role that research/education institutions can play in helping find solutions.
  2. To dialogue on tools and practices for measuring non-financial outcomes of social enterprises.
  3. To explore the potentials and challenges of working with small and medium enterprises and the corporate sector in advancing social entrepreneurship in Asia.
  4. To explore what a favorable policy environment means for nurturing social entrepreneurship in Asia


Day 1: July 6, 2006, SGV Case Room, 3rd Floor, AIM Main Building


Opening Plenary

Opening Ritual Ma. Carminia “Chin-chin” Gutierrez

Social Entrepreneur-Artist

Introduction to IWSEA Prof. Marie Lisa M. Dacanay


IWSEA Organizing Committee

Welcome Address Mr. Francis Estrada

President, AIM

Keynote Address Dr. Eduardo A Morato Jr.

Guru in Social Entrepreneurship, AIM President, ABS-CBN Bayan Microfinance, Philippines

Open Forum

Inspirational Talk: “Engaging Government and the Corporate Sector in Advancing Social Entrepreneurship”

Dr. Mechai Viravaidya

Chairperson, Population and Community Development Association, Thailand

Open Forum

Open Symposium I: Challenges Confronting Social Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurship Resource Organizations in Asia

Chair: Ms. Mai Anoňuevo

Executive Director, Atikha, Philippines

Confronting the Challenge of Scaling Up Social Enterprise Impact:

Lessons from Bangladesh

Mr. Safi Khan

Executive Director, Jamil-Sarwar Trust

Country Representative, Ashoka Innovators for the Public Trust, Bangladesh

Challenges and Prospects of Social Entrepreneurship in China

Ms. Grace Poi Chiew, Tan Ngion

Chief Representative for China

Badi Foundation, Beijing, China

Social Entrepreneurship and the Environment

Ms. Emma Sandrino-Lim

Executive Director

Foundation for Sustainable Society Inc (FSSI), Philippines

Challenges and Prospects in Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Asia

Dr. Pamela Hartigan

Executive Director

The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

Open Forum

Open Symposium II: Working with SMEs and the Corporate Sector in Social Entrepreneurship

Chair: Prof. Bala Ramasamy

China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Shanghai

Profitable Business Models and Market Creation in the Context of Deep Poverty: A Strategic View

Prof. Johanna Mair

IESE, Barcelona

Advantages and Challenges of Working with the Corporate Sector

Prof. Kai Hockerts

Copenhagen Business School

Working with SMEs and the Subsector Approach

Mr. Vijay Mahajan


Open Forum

Open Symposium III: Tools for Measuring Social Enterprise Outcomes

Chair: Prof. Ronald Chua

Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

SROI, Performance Measurement for Social Entrepreneurs

Mr. Peter Scholten

Founder, European Network on SROI

Development Indexing in Social Entrepreneurship

Prof. Marie Lisa M. Dacanay

Program Director, Master in Entrepreneurship for Social and Development Entrepreneurs (MESODEV), AIM

Open Forum

Open Symposium Closing Remarks Ms. Gloriosa Cabangon

Executive Director

Phil. Educational Theater Association

Country Coordinator, CAFO-Philippines

Day 2: July 7, 2006, Ground Floor, AIM Conference Center-Manila (ACCM)


Dialogue on Social Enterprise Practices in Measuring Non-Financial Outcomes and

Exploring a Nurturing Policy Environment for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia

The workshop groups are divided according to general country contexts: developing market economies, developed or affluent market economies, and socialist countries in transition to market economies.

Guide Questions:

What are the issues and concerns confronted by social enterprises in your context? How do social enterprises in your context measure non-financial outcomes? How do social enterprises in your context work with SMEs and the corporate sector? How would you characterize the policy environment of social entrepreneurship in your respective countries/context? What would “creating a policy environment supportive to social entrepreneurship” mean in your context? What would comprise a policy advocacy agenda for advancing social entrepreneurship in your context? How can social entrepreneurs and enterprises collaborate with research/education institutions in nurturing a more favorable policy environment for social entrepreneurship in Asia?

Briefing on Social Entrepreneurship Resource Organizations

Mr. Antonio La Vina, ASHOKA Global Academy for Social Entrepreneurship

Workshop Plenary: Reports from the Workshop Groups

Chair: Prof. Soledad Hernando


Closing Plenary: Partnership Agenda for Advancing Social Entrepreneurship in Asia

Chair: Prof. Ronald Chua


Closing Remarks Dr. Francisco Roman

Associate Dean,

AIM-Asian Center for Entrepreneurship

Day 3: July 8, 2006

Study Tour to a community-based eco-tourism enterprise system at Biak na Bato National Park, San Miguel, Bulacan in the outskirts of Metro Manila: Biak na Bato is a protected area featuring jaw-dropping rock formations and diverse fauna and flora. It also has great historical significance as it served as sanctuary to Filipino revolutionaries fighting against Spanish colonial rule in the late 19th century. The tour is organized by Fostering People’s Education, Empowerment and Enterprise (FPE3), in cooperation with the local people’s organizations and their community enterprises.


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